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SimplyMax. Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them. 0. answers. 1. question ~1k. people reached. Member for 6 years, 4 months. 3 profile views. Last seen Oct 2 '17 at Communities (2) English Language & Usage 11 11 1 1 bronze badge; Stack Overflow 1 . Sep 28,  · After the Warranty What Will the C-Max Battery Cost to Replace? Posted on September 28, by Craig Shelley. Ford C-Max Energi – The high-voltage battery is in the rear beneath the cargo area. If you’re considering buying a C-Max, you might be concerned about the cost of replacing the lithium ion battery when it fails. The latest Tweets from simplymax (@theWhiteAlmond): "Happy #NationalDogDay #Beagle viguzgas.ga"Followers:

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In California, Arizona, simplymax, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, simplymax, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, simplymax, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington the hybrid components which includes the battery are covered for a longer 10 years andsimplymax, miles warranty if your state passes the California emissions warranty, simplymax, your warranty simplymax be extended too.

According to GreenCarReports, simplymax. The Simplymax lithium ion battery for the Hybrid is listed on the official Ford parts web site, simplymax. This is a 1. Two factors may simplymax the cost to you, simplymax. First, you will need to drive the C-Max for more thanmiles or 8 years, whichever is less before you bear the cost of replacement. Once this warranty time period has passed, simplymax, simplymax cost of batteries should have dropped.

Perhaps Ford will also give owners a core credit, simplymax. There is also a substantial simplymax cost for replacing the battery. The owner walked out in shock simplymax the price.

Later, the simplymax asked the service department for a better quote, simplymax. Simplymax blog was published on 4 Decupdated on 13 Dec and revised and republished on September 28, If you had an eight year old car with a failed transmission you would probably replace it with one from a salvage yard not a new one. Used batteries with simplymax milage at varying prices will be available much cheaper than simplymax estimated price simplymax and cheaper even than the lower new prices expected eight years from now.

Predicting a battery simplymax eight years from now at todays estimated simplymax new price makes little sense. Replacement can be done wirh a salvaged battery more cheaply by a non dealer service location, simplymax. Battery replacements in hybrids are infrequent. I had an experienced salesman at a Toyota dealership bring up the battery replacement issue for the Prius. Simplymax think prospective buyers must bring this up frequently when they consider a hybrid.

I was attempting to answer the question based on simplymax data, simplymax. The transmissions in all of these died between 65, and 80, miles, simplymax. It was a big expense to replace.

However, I wish I lived in simplymax state with the ,mile year warranty. The problem is most peoples battery experience is with lead acid accessory batteries which need replacement in three or four years. They assume incorrectly this experience can be applied to a a hybrid traction battery. This is the source of battery replavement anxiety. That makes total sense, simplymax.

I was a factory rep for Ford for several years. Also, Lithium Ion tech is highly advanced and proven. I am simplymax comfortable with the battery portion of the car. The charge now only gives me 15 to 16 miles, simplymax. I am hoping that the next battery I buy will give me simplymax miles. That would make this car fantastic. We have only had our Energi for 2 months and miles, simplymax. But our Nissan Leaf, simplymax, it just lost a bar of capacity after 14 months and 14, miles.

Joel Hammock Energi again I have miles. Car is 4 years 1 month. Plug in simplymax is down 11 to 13 miles. Car still runs great. Battery range has slid down to around miles, but I still love the car and do plenty of all-electric trips.

I have 92, and only get 8 to 9 miles off a charge. Second C-Max. Second one started out at only about 17 or 18, now, simplymax, two years later, simplymax, am at 9. Looking for a warranty replacement…. These companies put so many clauses in their warranties that they will wiggle out if they can. It would be interesting. Tax credits, changing battery technology, the significant technology simplymax in the vehicle in addition to the battery life left will result in poor trade-in values for plug-in vehicles.

Just bought a new C-Max, simplymax. It simplymax a lot of fun and very challenging to drive in our ND climate. I am not sure even how simplymax batteries are in the car, for example is their a third 12v automotive batter for starting the car?

And if not a separate 12v starting battery, simplymax, what happens when I have to jump start the motor? Anyway, I am totally in the dark on these batteries and how they interconnect. The Ford manual is mostly worthless and difficult to find useful information in simplymax gives such nonsense warnings as do not use the Simplymax as an ambulance.

As for simplymax the high power battery after it poops out in 10 or 15 years, you do not really need simplymax, as the car could just continue to be driven as a bybid, simplymax. There are two batteries, one for the 12v system conventional 12v battery and a second for the high voltage system lithium, simplymax. The 12v battery is jumped with connectors under the hood but the battery is located at the back of the vehicle at least with simplymax C-Max Simplymax. If the simplymax battery simplymax dead, you will not be able to use the vehicle as a hybrid.

It is essential for the operation of the car. My service guy told me I can drive it when the HV battery is dead. In the US, the warranty ismiles orsimplymax, miles depending on the state. Note that what the car projects as the distance traveled with a full charge is not the same as the battery capacity, simplymax.

Actually, mine is a C-Max Energi, so apparently has 3 batteries, 12 v, simplymax, But, how do they relate to each other? My understanding is the 12v is the usual motor driven, motor starting battery completely separate from the others. But, when you charge simplymax It also appears that when I use up the charge for the 7. It would seem to me, that at the very least, simplymax, when you charge the power batteries, a small trickle charge could also go to the 12v battery to keep it topped off as well.

As for energy efficiency. At 40 mpg, simplymax, that means the 9 kwh would only get you abut 10 miles, while the EPA is 19 miles. My driving gets about Granted, simplymax, electrical drive is more efficient then gas, but 4 x 0, simplymax. There is also going to be some loss in the battery charging process. So, I have my doubts if I am really saving much, simplymax, but still, it is a fun toy to drive and gives me the option of two types of fuel, simplymax.

Still, I wonder what the actual cost per mile really is? Roland of Simplymax. There is not a 1. There is just one battery. It does appear as two batteries with the software but there is only one battery, simplymax. The 12v battery must be charged for the car to start though. The car is fun to drive.

Enjoy your C-Max. I have the Cmax Energy, bought in About 80k miles. My charge says 16 simplymax. I have already replaced the 12v battery, simplymax. What a pain it was to get to!! It would be interesting if the owners manual gave you more basic information on simplymax battery and its operation. In fact, the owners manual is page after page of useless lawyer driven warnings to wear your seat belt or not to use the Simplymax as an ambulance?

Obviously driving an electric plug in is going to be an interesting challenge, simplymax. As for costs per mile, I am sure gas prices will eventually swing up again, and I am discovering ways of charging up for little costs or even free. I feel I will also have to put some money down and buy a C-Max service manual simplymax might give some more useful information.

It would be interesting to learn more about how this technology actually works. Simplymax example, what is the voltage of the power battery? If there is simplymax one high power battery for the Simplymax Energi, simplymax, what happened to the smaller battery the simplymax the plain hybid C-Max? And more basic, what is the basic care and feeding of the gas engine ie.

I notice also a complete absence of the usual warning lights ex. But a lot of redundant and glitzey screens which often duplicates the same basic information. It would also be nice if Ford or some individual put together a half hour informational video on the care and feeding of the C-Max, and how to get the most bang for the dollar. Roland ND.


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